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Fun Trip? Nevermind.

Auto repair has got to be the most inconvenient thing on the planet. Why? Because you can never plan for it!  You never plan for the expenses, they just happen one day, and you don’t have a choice but to repair it right away! They always happen in the most inconvenient places too. You take a trip to Minneapolis, you’ve been planning this forever. You are finally in Minneapolis and you are driving down a nice country road and it is gorgeous! You are loving it! Then, all of a sudden, it happens. Your engine makes a weird noise and goes out. See? VERY inconvenient.  All of a sudden you need auto repair RIGHT THEN. The best part about it? There is no one around, and you don’t know who to call because you are in Minneapolis!

Not only is auto repair inconvenient, sometimes it’s scary! I was on the freeway the other day when one of my tires completely blew out. Not good! My car swerved and I had to gun it for an exit. I was lucky not to get hit. I pulled over, and realized my cell phone was dead. Most inconvenient day ever! Anyways, point made. Auto repair is never convenient. Ever.


I’ve always thought acupuncture was really interesting.  For a while I thought that only people that are rich, like people from Los Angeles could do it.  That is not the case! Anyone can go get acupuncture done.  Acupuncture is an old form of Chinese medicine. The point of Acupuncture is to balance the energy in your body, so that your body can heal itself.  I’m not sure I like the idea so much though. The idea of long needles being jabbed into my skin does not sound too appealing to me.  I’ve heard that it doesn’t hurt barely  at all, but it sounds painful to me!

Then again, this is me talking. I’ve donated plasma, which entails them jabbing my arm with a HUGE needle, taking all the blood out of my body, taking the plasma out, and putting the blood back in. The whole process takes about an hour, but you get thirty bucks for it! Hooray for being a poor college student! Acupuncture can’t be worse than that.  I think donating plasma is just an all time low.  I guess if I was unhealthy enough, and really needed it, I would give just about any natural remedy a shot. They are a lot more healthy than some medical drugs that are being used now!