In Burbank, everyone owns a hair salon. Alright, this probably isn’t true. But it would be cool, because then salon services would be really cheap.

I think that woman’s obsessions with salons start when they are little. They start when their salon-obsessed mothers decide that they need to have a princess salon party. Not only are the little girls being encouraged to buy fancy clothes, but they are being introduced to the salon world early on. At a young age, they are hooked on pricey manicures, pedicures, and other services.  I’m not sure how smart that is.

It’s all fine and dandy to have a party to relax and pamper yourself, but these are little girls who will beg and BEG until they get what they want. The day after the party, the little girls will all be begging their parents to bring them back the very next day. These parents are really going to regret the fact that they let their little girls go to this party. They now have to deal with a whole ten years or so of taking their daughters to the salon on a regular basis.  They now will regret sending their daughter to a princess salon party forever.