I think Chanel consignment is a good business to get into. You can probably find used Chanel purses and such just about anywhere. I’ve never looked, but you can probably go to the nearest DI, and find a Chanel purse there that someone didn’t know what it was. You can then take it to Chanel consignment and get a lot of money out of it! I think this sounds like a great plan. I’ll have to head over to DI after work.

Then again, people probably don’t take nice Chanel purses to DI. People who own Chanel probably realize how much they cost  since they probably paid a whole lot for that purse. They probably aren’t to just take it to DI. They will probably do something more useful with it, like sell it for a lot of money. I just said “probably”, a lot.  Anyways, maybe Chanel consignment wouldn’t be the best business to get into. It sounds tedious and complicated. I don’t  like things that are tedious and complicated. I’m a fan of things that are simple and straight forward. I have no idea how much purses are worth. My favorite purse is from Ecuador. I paid three dollars for it.