My kitchen cabinets are just about empty right now. I guess that’s how it goes when you are a college student. I always thought that Ramen Noodles was a big joke. I moved out and went grocery shopping. While I was shopping in Maceys, I passed the roman noodles. They were so cheap! I could get them for like 10 cents! That is 10 cents for a whole meal! My kitchen cabinets have a big box of Ramen Noodles in them now, just not a whole lot of anything else. It’s a little bit sad. I wonder if Ramen Noodles are just a Utah thing, or if they are common to all the other college students too. Hmm. I wonder…

I think that’s part of the fun of college. Sometimes you come home from work and realize that you really have no food. You literally have nothing in your pantry, fridge, or kitchen cabinets. It is kind of discouraging, but kind of awesome at the same time. It’s definitely an adventure!¬† College has it’s perks. Those perks do not include having a million loud roommates when you are trying to sleep, but there are other things that are perks.

Ummm…yay for not living at home!