Have you ever wondered what social security lawyers do? …Neither have I. The truth is that I don’t really need to know what social security lawyers do. It sounds kind of boring, and I am already bored at work.

You know those subjects that come up that the other person thinks is really interesting? The second they bring it up, you think, “Well this is going to be a boring conversation”. You then paste on that fake smile and turn on the automatic nod, then you completely zone out. We all do it, don’t even deny it. Sometimes there are just subjects that you couldn’t care less about.

This sounds a little bit weird, but I’m kind of a fan of socially awkward situations. For example, the fake smile. It is used in just about every socially awkward situation you can think of. My roommates and I were talking about the fake smile the other day. Like when the guy you are kind of dating says “I love you”, prematurely. One of two things will happen in this situation. You will blurt out, “I love you too!”, just because you are supposed to. Or, you will paste on that fake smile and buy yourself an extra 3-6 seconds to think of how you are going to turn him down.

So, whether it’s talking about something like social security lawyers, or pasting on that fake smile to buy you some time after an awkward “I love you”, either way those situations are just very amusing!