If you live in Scottsdale, or anywhere else where women live, you are probably surrounded by weight loss ads. It’s kind of amazing how much variety there is in weight loss products. People are coming up with crazy stuff, and people are actually buying it! It’s insane! I googled, “Crazy weight loss products”. The first one that came up was a dumbbell phone. You can actually attach a dumbbell to your phone, and then their fitness experts will call you eight times a day. To me, that seems a little extreme. But people actually buy that kind of stuff! Crazy!

There are all kinds of crazy weight loss diets too.  There is one where you mix water, pure lemon juice, cyan pepper, and pure maple syrup. It’s “Lemonade”. You drink that, and only that, for ten days. No other food or anything. Oh, except for the saltwater flush every morning, consisting of 4 cups of saltwater. Gross huh? Actually that one is a pretty good cleanse for your body. It is still really gross though.  Spicy lemonade would be disgusting.

In conclusion, there are a whole lot of weird weight loss things going on. You should probably just stick with diet and exercise.