I hate traffic. It’s really not the traffic itself though. The rules, the roads, that’s all fine. The problem is the really dumb people who are driving around like idiots. I get really mad when I drive sometimes. I don’t like it when people don’t think when they drive. But what happens when your drive to the wholesale fashion jewelry mart and the road situation turns awkward?

I’m not talking about when you pull up to a light and glance at the person next to you to see him picking his nose. He realizes you saw him, and a very awkward moment follows until the light turns green. I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about the times when you are really annoyed. Your limits are finally passed, and you give them the honk, or you throw your arms in the air and give them a dirty look. After the fact, you drive past them to find that they are someone you know! Suddenly getting to the wholesale fashion jewlery mart doesn’t seem so important. You are not worried about how you are going to avoid your neighbor for the next little while.

So maybe this is not so fun if it happens to you, but it is seriously funny when you hear about it happening to other people!