I used to think that the brand of tuna was Albuquerque.  It’s not. Albuquerqe is a place, not a brand of tuna. I stand corrected.

Anyways. Today is Thursday…yay! That means it’s almost Friday. THAT is awesome.  Friday is great because it’s finally the weekend! That means you can pretty much do whatever you want. Well maybe not whatever you want. You don’t want to have to call an personal injury lawyer on Monday. Partly because your personal injury lawyer would probably just tell you to stop doing stupid things.

This weekend should be pretty decent. I’m going to an outdoor laser tag thing on Saturday. That sounds like a blast. I think that will be fun. I’m also going to a couple parties, and a concert. But most of all, I’m just really excited to SLEEP! My favorite part of every weekend is Friday night and Saturday morning. Friday night isn’t my favorite because it’s fun. My favorite part of Friday night is where I get in my bed and I know that I don’t have to wake up until I actually choose to. My favorite part of Saturday morning is when the alarm goes off, and I think, “Dang it, it’s time to get up! oh wait…it’s SATURDAY!!!!!!!”. I then go back to sleep. It’s wonderful. Hallelujah for weekends!