Do you ever talk back to the TV? You are probably thinking, “No…that’s really weird.” Well it probably is, but sometimes I get really into TV. For example, commercials. Like the really annoying ones that are like, “Are you from Albuquerque? Do you need a personal injury lawyer?”, and I answer, “No, to both of those questions. Also your annoying.” See, then you can shut the personal injuary lawyer up and change the channel. Maybe it’s a power issue.

Another example is informercials. Man, those things can be so persuasive! They are talking about a vacuum, saying, “Look! This thing has 50 times the suction of other vaccuums! You NEED this!”  I lean forward and say, “Oh my goodness! I DO need that! That thing is MAGIC! I need that right now!” I start taking my cell phone out of my pocket. I start thinking of all the things I could vaccuum up, how clean my apartment could be! Then they put pressure on even more. “If you call now, you’ll get these FREE attatchments! You are saving SO MUCH MONEY!!!! ” I start going over my bank account, do I have enough?

The commercial finally ends and I finally get my sense back and put down my phone. I walk away from the TV.

I need to stop watching infomercials.