This post is about line etiquette.  I’m not talking about the kind of lines you draw. I’m talking about the kind of lines that you stand in at the grocery store, or the movie theater, or wherever.  I’m actually stealing this topic from my brother. The other day we were standing in a costco line and we were observing people. My brother said, “I should write a blog about line etiquette.” Sorry bro….I took it.

Alright so here are the annoying things about people some people who stand in lines:

1. The person who is obviously used to being treated like a Beverly Hills movie star, and thinks they are one. These are the people who walk up to the front of the line and just start ordering their food or whatever it may be. No one likes you. You are NOT a Beverly Hills movie star. You can get in line just like everyone else.

2. The person who decides to start their own line. the line is obviously going one way. They decide to branch off, start the line going another way. This person is the rich plastic surgeon who thinks they can change anything. Everyone gets confused because then there are two branches off the same line. it doesn’t work!

3. Last, but definitely not least, is the person who stands way too close to you in line. They have no sense of space. They snuggle right up next to you. It’s weird.

So, to all of you people who think you are a movie star, if you want to be treated that way, go to Beverly Hills. If you want to start your own line, do it somewhere else. Lastly, give every0ne two feet of space for goodness sake! The End.