If I lived in Beverly Hills, I would definitely be a plastic surgeon. Imagine how much business you would get! All of these movie stars that have so much pressure on them to be perfect. As a plastic surgeon, you would be doing surgeries all day every day! People in Beverly Hills probably get at least a couple plastic surgeries every year. You would definitely have your hands full with all the business you would be getting.

I’m not sure if it would be that great of a life though, being a plastic surgeon. All day, you would have to hear people talk about what they don’t like about themselves. You would be encouraging them to talk about it, because that’s how you would get your business.

I think I would rather have a job that helps people in a more beneficial way. I really love doing volunteer things. I went down to Ecuador and volunteered at some orphanages. I would love to do something like that when I’m older. I would love to just travel around and do volunteer programs. I think that would be so cool and also so satisfying, knowing that you are truly doing something great for people.

Forget Beverly Hills…I want to go back to Ecuador.