I’m not quite sure how I feel about people naming their children after cities. For example, Dallas. I don’t think that’s a great name for a little boy. I think that every time people see Dallas, the first thing they think of will be Dallas, Texas. He’s always going to be asked questions of why he was named after Dallas. He won’t really know what to say, except that he really has no clue. His parents were Dallas Cowboy fans? His parents took the family dog to the animal clinic in Dallas and they saved it’s life? He really doesn’t know?

I think people should stick to people names. Not the names of cars, or cities. Leave those for objects, not people.  I also don’t like it when people name their pets with common people names. Do not name your dog Claire…I want to name my kid that. My cute little baby girl has the same name as your nasty, smelly, evil dog. Awesome. That is not okay. There are so many names you could pick for a dog, why did you have to pick a people name?

Maybe we could all just stick to normal names. Cities can be named city names. Pets can be named pet names. And people can be named people names. Sound good?