I wish I knew more about computers. I mean I’m not completely computer illiterate. I know how to write emails, surf the internet, and all that fun stuff. But I’m not talking about that kind of stuff. I’m talking about being one of those people who REALLY knows about computers. Like when I say, “I got a new computer! It’s blue!” They say, “Sweet! How does it handle xml conversion? Can it go database to xml? How fast is it at data integration??” I then would look at them with a very blank look. Why? Because I have absolutely NO idea what database to xml means. Not a clue.

Of course, I do other things with my life. I actually have social interaction with people, and I know how to have conversations face to face, not over text. I go outside. I actually have friends. I do that type of stuff. But I just don’t really like it when things are a complete mystery to me. It always amazes me when I find out about a whole new world of something that I knew absolutely nothing about. I always think, “How in the world did that get past me? Why did no one ever mention this to me?”  But hey, that’s life right?