This blog post is going to consist of ideas for other blog posts. Sound exciting? Well it is.

1. Line etiquette.  How are you supposed to act in a line? How close should you stand to people? What should the formation of a line be?

2. People who get your number. What is appropriate? How long should you talk with someone before you ask for their number?

3. If you are a plastic surgeon, do you get work done on yourself? Shouldn’t every plastic surgeon be absolutely flawless because of all their connections? Is there a really ugly plastic surgeon out there who is happy with him/herself?

4. Weird things you did as a kid that you thought were normal. Example: We flew bag kites. We tied a plastic grocery bag to a string and ran around with it.

5. What is the limit with ridiculous drivers? I saw a semi driver texting today. I definitely think that surpasses the limit of stupidity allowed on the road.

6. Why do we all just automatically trust fast food people? They could do anything to that food…

7. What is the point of making your bed in the morning if you are just going to get in it later that day?

…These should be good!