Whether you are in San Diego, Riverside, or Japan, you are bound to run out of toilet paper a few times in your life. Most people associate panic with things that are very threatening. Possibly a threatening situation where their life is in danger, hence the panic. I associate panic with much smaller things. For example, running out of toilet paper, or not having any to begin with.

Picture this. You have GOT to go, right now. You finally get in the bathroom and you are very relieved. You reach over for the toilet paper and it ISN’T THERE. Your heart starts pounding. What in the world are you going to do? You start desperately looking around for some that you may have missed. It just isn’t there.  Then someone walks in, you hear a familiar voice. It’s that one girl you really don’t like. She’s the one who is always talking about her pool with it’s automatic pool cover and it’s pool fence. She is the bratty rich girl that you avoid at all costs. She…is your only hope.

You curse the stupid stall. You should have gone in the other one!You slowly humble yourself enough to ask…”Hey….can you hand me some toilet paper?”  A hand full of toilet paper appears under the stall door. “Thanks”, you say very awkwardly. Despite all your best efforts to avoid this girl, you have now bonded over toilet paper. For the next few months, you ALWAYS check for toilet paper first thing.