Have you ever wondered how hippies survived? Well I have. I mean, let’s think about this. They were all druggies. They were high all the time. Also most of them lived in a converted bus.  You cannot really live out of bus rvs. Maybe you can live out of one for a few weeks, but not an entire lifetime. I just don’t see that as being that great. A converted bus would be cramped and small. Also, if you are always high, you probably shouldn’t be driving that big of a vehicle around, or any vehicle for that matter. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got flowers in your hair. It just isn’t a good idea. If you are going to go on a “trip”, you shouldn’t go on a trip…(hahaha…pun.)

Either way, I’m glad I didn’t live in the hippie era. It just seems weird to me. I think it would just be awkward. I’m actually quite satisfied with the time period I live in now. Yes, there are the really lame people who are flying planes into buildings, but there are some pretty awesome things going on too. I guess it all evens out.

Well, now that we’ve discussed this, I’m going to go eat some crackers.