Growing up is great. You get more freedom and more experience. I have been out on my own for a while now, and it’s been great. However, lately I’ve been reminded very strongly that I have a lot more responsibility than I did when I was twelve. For example, auto insurance. I used to not even know what auto insurance was. You buy a car, then you can drive it right? Yes, well it turns out you have to pay people a lot of money just to move an inch in your car. Most of this money goes down the drain, because most of the time you don’t get in an accident. You are forced to throw all this money away. You have no choice. Auto Insurance is kind of lame.

Second example, air conditioning/heating. When I lived at home I didn’t know that air conditioning/heating even cost money. All I knew is that when I was cold, I went and turned on the heater. When I was hot, I went and turned on the air conditioning. I would usually grumble that someone else had turned it off. Now that I live in my own apartment, this really isn’t an option. People get mad when I turn on the air conditioning. Why? Because now we all have to pay the bill. Some days, I could live in Phoenix and my apartment would be cooler. Yet turning on the air conditioning is absurd.

As you can see, growing up is not all that it’s cracked up to be. Can I go back to the days where I was five, sitting in my backyard, eating Popsicles and playing in the sprinklers all day?