Remember the post about going on vacation to kill devil hills, getting some vacation rentals, and having a decent vacation? Maybe rent a boat and head out on the lake for a couple days?  Sounds great right? Well, Kill Devil Hills isn’t going to happen. Why? Because I don’t think I’ll ever get a vacation. At least not for a very long time. It turns out that vacations cost a lot of money. Also, they take a lot of time. I don’t have either of those things. I’m not quite sure I will very soon in the future either.

I am doomed to school. School takes every second of my spare time. I am married to school. My social life does not exist lately. When people ask me if I would like to do something, I have to say that I can’t. I have to do my homework. It has taken over my life! The day that I graduate is going to be amazing. The feeling of not having to sign up for more classes, worry about paying for it, or any of that, sounds absolutely marvelous.  Until then, I’m doomed to stretching myself thin, paying too much money, and going to school until the end of time. Joy.