Alright guys, it is 2:30 PM and I am ready for bed. I’m at work, trying to stay awake, and it’s not working too well. My eyes don’t want to cooperate. I feel like I need an energy drink. Or, if I smoked, maybe I would have a cigarette. It would have to be a electronic smokeless cigarette, because anything but a smokeless cigarette is just going to make you cough all the time until you die. That won’t work out very well for me. In fact, scratch the cigarette idea. I would probably just go with an energy drink.

Anyways, 2:30 in the afternoon is not a very good time of day. The morning hours are fine, because the day is still new and you aren’t tired yet. By the time you hit  the middle of the day at 2:30,  it is bad news.  When I hit 2:30, my body starts saying, “Alright, you didn’t get barely any sleep last night, and you didn’t eat any breakfast. I have given you a few hours this morning, but really? You really expect me to keep going through this entire day without a nap?”. Not good. My body is not too happy with me right now.