And…We’re Back! The three-day weekend is over. It really is too bad. Oh well, there will always be more, right? I didn’t do anything too exciting. I didn’t go to kill devil hills and get some great vacation rentals. I didn’t go boating or anything like that.

I just got lots of stuff done that needed to be done, and I played a little bit. I went to a dance and ended up dancing with some interesting guys. That’s always fun. I got to sleep in on Saturday which is always absolutely wonderful. I got to get my laundry done, homework done, and clean my car. See? Nothing too exciting, but the weekend did serve it’s purpose. I’m not worn out anymore and I’m ready for the new week. The best part is, it is already Tuesday! That means it’s almost Wednesday. That means it’s almost FRIDAY! Friday night means it’s almost Saturday, and Saturday means sleeping in! Alright…so it’s still a ways off. But it’s still closer to Friday than if it was Monday! That is definitely a good thing.

Maybe next labor day I’ll get to go somewhere fun with some vacation rentals, but I’m okay with my chill, relax and get stuff done weekend.