If you ask me what sales team management is, I will tell you that I have absolutely no idea. I don’t know what it entails. I am guessing it is managing a sales team. But that is the obvious answer.

I hate it when people say that to me. You ask them a question like, “What is sales team management“? They say, “It’s managing a sales team”.

Really? I would have never guessed. Do people really think I’m that dumb that I can’t figure that much out? If I’m asking about it, I’m obviously asking for a little more of an explanation than that.

It’s kind of like when people have something, and they say, “Oh wow, this smells really bad. Here, smell.” No. I do not want to smell something that you just barely pointed out smells bad. Why would I want to smell it? I will take your word for it!

There are a lot of hypocrisy’s like this. I think a lot of people don’t realize how hypocritical they are. I mean we are all hypocrites to a certain degree. Sometimes it’s just unavoidable. But I’m talking about the people who are a walking, talking, hypocrite. People who complain about the person’s driving in front of them…to the person they are on the phone with. Get with it.