I think sales team management would be a hard area to get into.  I used to work at a phone place, trying to sell. It was not a fun job. No one likes telemarketers. It doesn’t matter how sweet and genuine you are, if you are a telemarketer, you are scum. If you were in sales team management, you would actually have to movivate people to keep calling people. That would be hard to do. You would be talking to employees who get hung up on, cussed at, and yelled at, all day. Probably the last thing they want to do is try and up their sales and call more people. Your employees would probably start to hate you after a while.

Sales teams are basically a last resort. If you really can’t find anything else, or you really need some good money fast, then you join a sales team. It’s always a temporary job too. No one makes a career of being on the phone every day getting yelled at. You do not wake up one day and think, “Wow, I would absolutely love to call random people today who will hate me, and try to sell them something”.

So, to all those who actually have the endurance and sanity to do sales…hang in there.