Choosing a college major has been really hard. I think the biggest reason for that is my need to be thorough. I feel like I can’t pick anything, cause what if there is something else that I don’t know about that would be better? For example, I have no idea what retail sales management entails. I don’t really know what it is at all. Yet, what if I would really enjoy going into retail sales management? See? It’s a predicament!

Also, college majors are frustrating because when you actually choose something, it’s very easy to find out you don’t like it. That is great, but what about when you have already spent a year doing it? Picking a major is not the only frustrating part about college. They have classes that are five minutes apart. They expect you to be there for all of class. So you have five minutes to run from one end of campus to the other. Sometimes it creates quite the dilemma.

Although there are some frustrations in college, I actually do really like it. I like the freedom and variety. Also, lots of embarrassing moments have already happened this year! May there be many more to come.