Did you know that there is actually a place in North Carolina named Kill Devil Hills? That is quite the name for a place. I wonder how it was named. Maybe some guy wanted to be rich really bad, so he sold his soul to the devil. After he sold it, he regretted it and had to get it back. So, he had to kill the devil. Maybe that’s where the name Kill Devil Hills came from. It sounds like kind of a cool place to go on vacation.

It’d be fun to get some vacation rentals, maybe a canoe or a boat or something, and just head on out to Kill Devil Hills on vacation. It sounds like fun to me. Maybe it would be a good road trip. I’ve always wanted to go on a road trip where you just pick somewhere random on a map that you’ve never heard of, and then go there. I think that sounds like a blast. Maybe it could be somewhere in North Carolina. Apparently there are lots of places there that I have never heard of. Someday I’ll do a random road trip to the middle of nowhere! We’ll see where it gets me!