1. If you get a discount, you should definitely work there, because that would be awesome. You can buy anything there!

2. ….You could meet new people?…

3.  Every time you come to work, you will be welcomed.

4. It’s a good people watching opportunity

5. Maybe it’s good hours, they are ALWAYS open!

6. It’s way better than being a website broker. When you are a website broker, you cannot see rednecks walking around all day.

7. It’s better than working at Mcdonalds.

8. If you get fired, you won’t really care.

9.  You can ride around in the old people carts. You can possibly chase people, possibly little kids. This has potential to be really fun. And if you get in trouble, well, refer back to number eight.

10. You could tell people you work at Walmart. Who knows, maybe you would get something out of it because people feel sorry for you!

Alright, so in all honesty, I don’t think anyone really CHOOSES to work at Walmart. People decide that they are broke enough to work at Walmart, but I think that might be the extent of it. But hey, it is what you make it right? Maybe working at Walmart instead of being a website broker, or something else, could be the best thing that ever happened to you!