Top ten reasons why you should not work at Walmart:

1. You will get people coming in with random questions like, “I want to be a website broker, and I want to sell my website. How do I do that?” Of course, you will have no idea what the answer to this is, but you’ll have to answer anyways, because Walmart has everything. Walmart is the solution to all questions and problems.

2. You will have to empty random people’s carts that they leave after they realize they didn’t bring their wallet. It’s Walmart, so they will be full of random stuff, and you will be running all over the store.

3. You don’t look good in blue.

4. You will start dreaming about Walmart.

5. You will start wearing cut off flannel shirts, and trucker hats and jeans that are way too tight.

6. You will get really sick of chasing kids around that are trying to complete their lists of, “Things to do at Walmart”.

7. Everyone will laugh at you.

8. You will not be confident in telling people where you work.

9.  You will start to hate BYU and UVU because of all the students that hang out at Walmart.

10. You just really don’t want to.

*If you work at Walmart, please don’t hold me accountable for this. I will right a corresponding blog to make up for it.