When I was a little kid, I always wondered where the term spider veins came from. I thought that maybe there were spiders that crawled around in your veins. That scared me. The idea of spiders in someone’s body was really weird to me. I now know that spider veins does not mean that you have spiders in your veins. It refers to varicose veins. Some guy, probably named Austin, probably just sat there and decided one day that he was going to refer to them as spider veins. Of course he was probably a big time doctor with a lot of influence, so it probably just stuck. That’s probably how all that went down.

I thought a lot of things were different when I was little. I thought there was a letter in the alphabet called elemeno. It came before the letter P. I have decided that this is why kids are so entertaining. It’s their lack of knowledge that makes it funny. Also little kids are just plain cute.

Anyways, I guess the point of this blog is maybe for us to just take a minute to think about how dumb we all were as children? Who knows, but there you have it!