When you are a website broker, life is pretty sweet. You basically get to sit at home all day long and look at people who are really excited to “sell my web site!” This works out great, because then you get to choose whatever one you want. You can just pick a subject that interests you, then just research it all day. I think this sounds like a pretty sweet job. This sounds like something that could be partially entertaining, and only a little bit monotonous. You could really learn a lot. Afterall, you would just be reading through websites all day.

Maybe after a while of doing that, you could go on a game show, like “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” or “Jeopardy”.  You could probably win it, because you just know so much. That would be cool, and all those hours of being a website broker would really pay off.  Not to mention, you could get really rich. So, you all should probably get jobs as website brokers. I think this really is a valuable piece of advice. Do it, it will pay off. Later, when you are retired and living somewhere awesome, right next to a beach, you can thank me.