One day in High School, my friends and I decided to go try on wedding dresses.  Well it turns out, in Utah you can’t just go to a place and try on wedding dresses. You have to go sign up with each store and fill out a bunch of paperwork in order to even be able to try anything on. We were pretty bummed out.

It’s amazing how fast time has flown since then. We would go to the mall and look at wedding dresses, and talk about how amazing each of our weddings were going to be. Now almost all of those friends are married. A few of them are getting ready to have families of their own.

I find time so interesting. It really is amazing how it can go so slow when you are sitting in class waiting to go home, and it can go so fast when you are having fun or with someone you want to be with. I honestly believe that time starts to go faster when you get older. It seems like being a little kid took forever. I always wanted to grow up when I was younger. Now I’m dragging my feet.

I guess time is one of those things that you just learn to cope with. You learn to slow it down as much as you can, but more than that, you learn to enjoy all the little moments, like being a young teenager at the mall with your friends looking at wedding dresses. You learn to make the most out of it.