I was looking through my posts, and I realized that a whole lot of them are me being angry. Maybe I’m the one who needs to go hit up a day spa for a day and chill out. But until the day comes when I can afford a day spa, I’ll have to find other methods to relieve my stress.

I’m actually enrolled in a Yoga class at school. I planned it for after work, so it’s actually working out quite well. I spend the day at work, go take my Yoga class to unwind, then go sit in class for another couple of hours after that. I think it’s a pretty smart schedule.

I went to my first day of the Yoga class the other day. The teacher went through the syllabus, then she informed us that we always need to bring a towel. Why? Because apparently everyone will be dripping with sweat after that class is over. The reason for this is not just because it’s a great work out, it is. The reason we will be sweating profusely is because she turns HEATERS on! The room is already hot because of the previous work out classes. We get there, and she turns heaters on to make it SUPER toasty.

Hmm…on second thought…maybe this class WON’T be so relaxing…