Last night, I went to sleep early. I was actually quite proud of myself. I went to bed at 11 PM. Usually I’m in bed by one or two AM. At about 1 AM, I woke up. I did not wake up pleasantly on my own because I needed a drink of water. I woke up because someone was hammering a nail into the wall. The noise was coming from the floor directly above me. I was not happy. I sat up and looked over at my roommate. She was also awake. She said, “annoying, isn’t it?”. YES. Very annoying.

I do not take nicely to being woken up at night. I pounded on the ceiling with my fist.  The hammering stopped for about three seconds before it started up again. I pounded again. Same thing happened. At this point I was fuming. I stormed out of my room. Everyone in my apartment was up because of the stupid hammering. I unhappily stomped up to their apartment and pounded on the door. I was expecting some stupid excuse having to do with website brokers or broker websites. Something completely irrellevent. This story doesn’t get very climatic. The girl opened the door and I chewed her out a bit. She said sorry, and I went back to bed. Really though, who hammers something into the wall at one in the morning???