It doesn’t matter if you are in Knoxville, or Tampa. The most relaxing thing you can treat yourself to is a day spa. That is, if you are loaded, and you can afford going to a day spa. If not, you cannot go relax. Why? Because you have no time anyways. You have school, family, friends, and work. Also, you have no money. Why? Because you are a poor college student that barely has money for some cup o’ noodles to last you the week.

You are not going to a day spa. You are not going to go relax. You are not getting a massage, and your hair done, and leaving all refreshed. Nope, you are doomed to be stressed out constantly, running around with your head cut off, for at least the next few years until you get your degree. After that you won’t have money, because you’ll have kids, and kids take all your money. You’ll also want to buy things that actually last, with the money you have. You probably won’t want to go spend it all on one day that isn’t going to do you any good the day after that. No, you can go to a day spa when you are about 50, and you really have extra money to spend. Until then…no.