Why the itsty bitsty spider climbed up the water spout:

Well you see, the itsy bitsy spider did not ever plan on climbing up the water spout. The water spout was big and treacherous, it was not on his to do list that day. The day started out well enough. Itsy Bitsy spider woke up, stretched each of his eight legs, and ate a delicious ant for breakfast. Then he thought, “I don’t need my web building website anymore. Maybe I’ll try selling my website!” So, he called up a website broker and they talked it all out. Itsy Bitsy spider was actually quite pleased. So you see, the day started out pretty wonderfully.

The day turned sour when Itsy Bitsy spider stepped outside. You see, the website broker was actually a very large man, and he did not want to pay for a little spider’s website. He was determined to kill the Itsy Bitsy spider. Itsy Bitsy spider saw him peeking around the corner and started running. The only safety he could find was the water spout which he started climbing. It worked out great until the rain came, and washed the spider out. Luckily, when the sun came up and dried up all the rain, the itsy bitsy spider was able to go up the spout again. He lived there happily ever after through the rest of his days