Massage therapists are lifesavers. Where would we all be without them? I actually went and got my first massage about a year ago. I thought it was weird and awkward and it wasn’t something on my to do list. But eventually, I did end up going to get one, and it was amazing. It got me addicted. Whoever doesn’t treat themselves to a good massage once in a while is missing out. Massages are heavenly. I have two good friends that just graduated from massage therapy school. Lucky me!

In high school, my friends and I would all hang out. We would all switch off giving shoulder massages while we watched movies. It was great. The thing is, no one ever wanted one from me cause I gave really crappy ones. That worked out even better for me. This way, I never had to trade, I just always got a good massage. Oh, High School memories! It’s crazy how fast time flies. That was a long time ago now. Before I know it, I’ll be 80 years old looking back on now, as the “good old days”.

Anyways, back to massage therapists. If you haven’t gotten a massage in a while, go get one!