I think I would like to live somewhere warm. Maybe somewhere in Arizona, like Scottsdale. I looked up some of the events that are happening right now in Scottsdale. They have lots and lots of concerts going on right now. Those seem like they would be tons of fun. It would be super warm at night, so you could just go to the concert, listen to some good music, and look at the stars. That sounds pretty great to me. They also have a farmers market. I love fresh fruit markets. That sounds wonderful.

It just sounds like a super friendly place to be. “Scottsdale”, it just sounds very warm and inviting to me. Maybe there are some really cool British guys. Maybe there is an awesome guy with an accent who is a locksmith.  He’s good at it too, he is a really good locksmith. He’s actually the best locksmith in town. Wow, I really need to go to Scottsdale! Also, the Goo Goo dolls are playing! Alright, so it looks like I need to get myself down to Scottsdale, find my dream locksmith guy, and have him take me on a date to see the Goo Goo dolls. They are playing on the 28th so I’ve really gotta hurry!