Top 5 Reasons why Miami massage therapists are awesome and you should probably be one:

1. It’s Miami, it’s warm. Don’t you ever see those resort commercials? You are getting a massage, everything is white, and the curtains are flapping in the warm breeze. I feel like that would be a good place to be.

2. You make good money! Massage therapists make bank! You can charge a ton of money, and since you are working in Miami, people will have money. You will make a lot!

3. You would make massage therapist friends, then you could get a massage whenever you wanted! You could just trade, or better yet, get a massage therapist boyfriend. Then you don’t even need to trade. He will just instinctively start rubbing your back, wherever you are.

4.What other job do you get to hang out at a spa all day? Granted, you are not going to be using the services all day, but at least it would be super relaxing! You could listen to relaxing music all day. It just seems like it would be awesome.

5. You know you want to. You know you want to BAD.

I think those are all pretty good reasons. I think I’ve made my point!