Last night was a very interesting experience. I have a weird habit of sleepwalking at night. Apparently, last night, I was hanging out in my room, just walking around. It was about 2 AM. I went to jump onto my bed, and the leg of it fell off of the cinder block it was resting on. This was bad. My bed was toggling on two legs. This is when I thought, “why do I even bother to have it on cinder blocks? I should just buy a really big personalized dog bed to sleep on. It would be much less of a hassle!” Granted, a personalized dog bed would not be long enough to sleep on, but it would be comfortable! It would take up less space and it would not have to go on cinder blocks. Make it a waterproof dog bed, or a washable dog bed, and you are golden!

Alright, so maybe a personalized dog bed is great for dogs, but not so great for humans. The fact still stands that my bed was not steady, and it was 2 AM. My roommate woke up very confused as I was under my bed trying to fix it. I was not very happy about the situation. It was an eventful night.