I have had some really bizarre dreams. Dreaming is so interesting to me. It’s amazing to me that all of your subconscious just organizes itself at night, through dreams. You can be dreaming about limousine service, saying, “No, I’ve gotta have my Washington DC limousine service! I’ve got to have my limousine service! If I don’t get my limousine service right now, I’m going to have to jump off of this cliff!” What is it in your subconscious that is even making you dream about limousine service? It’s always fun to wake up and be like, “What in the world? That was the weirdest dream ever!” Then you can try to make the connections about why you were dreaming about that specific thing, or that specific person. Of course, you can never really figure it out, because dreams are just random firings in the brain.

Have you ever had a dream that you are holding something and it is super real, then you wake up and you are holding your pillow? When I was little, I really wanted a puppy. I would have dreams that I had a puppy in my arms, then I would wake up and it would be my pillow. Waking up was always disappointing.