Recently, I was driving to the jewelers. I had to pick up my friend’s ring, it had to be cleaned. When I got to the jewelers, it wasn’t ready yet. After a long wait, the jewelers finally gave it to me. Needless to say, I was frustrated and in a hurry. I was driving maybe a little too fast, when a car cut right in front of me. I looked behind me. There was no one!!! This person could have waited one more second, and turned behind me! I drove further. I was trying to catch a green light, but both cars in front of me were going the same slow speed. What, were these people from Reno? The car in front of me slowed waaaaaay down. I watched as the light turned to yellow, then to red before I could get to it. The car in front of me slowly moved into the turn lane, and drove on as the turning light was green. I sat angrily at the green light. When I got to my friend’s house, I gave her the ring and told her how it had taken forever to get here from the jewelers.  When I went to leave, the traffic wouldn’t let me out of her driveway. REALLY?