Are you the kind of person who needs premium Washington DC limousine service? Do you think you are cooler than everyone else? You probably are if you have Washington DC limousine service. How do I know? Well because I don’t have Washington DC limousine service, and it’s cause  I am just plain not that cool.

So, what to do when you are at work and your brain doesn’t work anymore? It’s the middle of the day and I just can’t really think anymore. My brain is shutting down. My brain is saying NO. My brain wants to go to sleep. How does this relate to limousine service? Well because if I was super cool, and had my own limousine service, then my brain would be able to handle being at work right now, not shutting down.

What can I do to remedy this right now? Well, I ate some cotton candy. I figure that will boost my sugar intake enough to get me through the next 30 minutes. I will then crash, and have to think of something else. Maybe a 5 hour energy? Maybe a Monster? We’ll see.  For now, I will struggle to get through the monotony of a Tuesday.