Top Reasons I Need Limo Service:

1. Today I have a cold. I have no energy. I am achy and cold. I need limo service because then I would not have had to drive myself to Walmart to buy my own cold medicine. I would not be a danger to everyone on the road because I am constantly about to sneeze.

2. If I had limo service, I wouldn’t have to drive to and from work. This would also be safer to everyone on the road. I get horrible road rage.  I especially get angry when people on a two lane highway both go the same speed and they are going slow.

3. Limo service would really be great for family reunions. I could just go, then sleep in the car. Not with my 80 million cousins.

4. If I had limo service, it would probably mean I had a lot of money. That would be nice.

5. I need limo service because people in limos are just awesome.

6. People would probably mistake me as a famous person, and that could be fun.

As you can see, I clearly need limo service.  Clearly, it would enhance my life in many different ways.

Why do I still not have limo service??? I should go live in Washington DC and get limo service.