Sometimes date questions get really awkward. Some guys can come up with really weird questions, like, “Alright…if you could have one dog bed in the ENTIRE world, what would it be? Would it be a personalized dog bed, a waterproof dog bed,  or a washable dog bed?”…..huh? How is that question helping you to get to know me at all? Why does it matter if I would want a personalized dog bed, a waterproof dog bed, or a washable dog bed? I don’t even have a dog. Sometimes I wonder about some of these guys. Where are they getting this from?

Or the guys that ask questions that are absolutely none of their business. I once had a guy ask me, “What is your uttermost personal secret?” Right….I’m just going to tell you that. If you are going to ask a girl questions to get to know her, ask her about school, work, her friends, or her family. If you want to get creative, ask her where her favorite place to travel is. Or what her dream job is. Yes, they are admittedly basic questions, but atleast you aren’t going to get a weird look from her and eliminate your chance at a second date!