A dog bed should have the following qualifications:

1. You should probably have a waterproof dog bed. Why? Well…I don’t think it really needs an explanation. If it’s waterproof, it’s probably fluid proof of any kind. I think that’s a bonus in any dog owner’s book.

2. IF your dog bed is not a waterproof dog bed, it should at least be a washable dog bed. You own a dog. It is not a clean little person who showers every day and makes their bed every morning. It’s a dog. You NEED a washable dog bed.

3.  Maybe you should consider a personalized dog bed. Show your little guy a little love. Maybe put some hearts on it. Maybe put a dog bone on it. Show your dog you care.

4.  Your dog will probably get lonely. You should consider a voice simulator with such commands as “sit”, “rollover”, “act like a human”, etc. You could also consider ocean sounds and some soothing surf sounds.

Whether you take these suggestions into consideration or not, there is one thing that every dog deserves…your heart. Your dog deserves every second of your time. Do not leave the house without him. Do not do ANYTHING without him. He is your dog, after all.