I wonder who comes up with what is classified as “designer clothes“. When it all started, who was the one who said, “okay, these clothes are normal, and these are designer clothes, these purses are normal and these are designer purses”. See what I mean? It’s kind of interesting isn’t it?

I don’t have anything against designer clothes. If I had the money, I might buy more designer clothes myself. But for now, I’m sticking to shopping at Target and Ross!  Ross is actually a really decent place to shop. They actually have a lot of designer clothes there. They are all the extra clothes that don’t sell fast enough. They send them to Ross, then Ross reduces the price and sells them. I think it’s a really good system. You can take twenty dollars to Ross and get a cute skirt or some shoes, easy. They have a nice selection of jeans too.

When I was little, I got lost in Ross, I just remember running around a maze of clothes. I still remember being traumatized by that. I got really mad at my mom for leaving me alone. But don’t worry, I still like going there. Anyways, go buy yourself some clothes.