I think dog beds could possibly save people a lot of money. Think about it. You have yourself a child. You need a bed for the child. It’s just a baby, it’s not going to know what it is sleeping in. Why not just buy a dog bed? You could buy a waterproof dog bed. That solves the problem of leaky diapers! Just make sure it is a washable dog bed. Even if they claim it’s a waterproof dog bed…you never really know for sure.

Granted, the child will grow out of the dog bed fairly fast. But your child will also grow out of a crib fast, and those cost a lot of money! If you are worried about what other people will think about a dog bed, just make sure it doesn’t really look like a dog bed anymore. You can just make it a personalized dog bed and wrap it in some pink blankets, or something like that.

I know what your all thinking, this is a crazy idea. But really guys, who couldn’t use a little extra cash around here? After all those hospital bills, this is really the only way to go. Dog beds are the future! May as well accept it now!