Do you like the car that you drive? Well you shouldn’t. Why? Because it’s not a limo. You do not have limo service. You should feel bad because you can’t just go to Washington DC, or Reston, or Roxville whenever you want, in a limo. You cannot go pick up that cute girl you met the other night named Alexandria. You don’t have limo service. I feel like limo service is something you don’t really need necessarily, but it’s the people who don’t have it that say that. Really, everyone wants limo service.  Everyone wants to pull up to a Wendy’s and buy a combo meal in a limousine.  Everyone wants to pull up to your dates house, and get out of a limousine. Everyone wants to have a random guy drive them around that will take them wherever they want to go.

I know what you are thinking right now. You are thinking, “Dang it, I really DO need limo service! Well lets face the reality. You could have limousine service! It would probably just be for one night, but you could make your dreams come true! Go! Find a limo service provider! Do this now! Act on impulse!