Sometimes I wonder what Michael Jackson was thinking when he got his nose done. Did he do any research to find a good plastic surgeon? Or did he just find the first Beverly Hills plastic surgeon he could? I think that when it comes to finding a plastic surgeon, you are going to want to find someone good. I mean it’s only your face at risk here. I think that when Michael Jackson’s surgery happened, this is how it went.

Plastic Surgeon: “Alrighty! We are done here! Lets sew him up!”

Nurse: “Sounds good! I’ll get the gauze!”

Plastic Surgeon: “Oh, let’s get that piece of dust off his nose…oh no! I pinched his nose! Oh well, it will look fine.”

I guess after you change the color of your skin, and everything about you, then your nose isn’t that big of a deal. But I think Michael Jackson would have earned even more fans if his nose didn’t look like it was constantly being pinched. Also, maybe he would have more oxygen intake if his nose wasn’t pinched. Maybe if he had more oxygen going to his brain, then he wouldn’t be taking little boys to Neverland. May he rest in peace.