When I was little, I used to think that a plastic surgeon was the person that helped my barbies when they were sick. That’s what my older brothers told me. They also told me that Beverly Hills was a far away land where Cinderella lived. My brothers are highly responsible for a lot of things I beleived all through my childhood. My mom would hear them once in a while and get mad. “Steve! Don’t tell your sister that! Honey, you don’t need to know what a plastic surgeon is. And Beverly Hills is in California.”

Despite my mom’s best efforts, she couldn’t stop my brothers all the time. I had one brother that would stop me by saying, “boop”, every time I tried to say anything. This infuriated me. This was not okay.

One summer we went on a family trip to California. My dad wanted to visit Beverly Hills on the way. I was very confused and excited by this. I thought for sure I was going to meet Cinderella. Needless to say, I did not get to meet Cinderella. I just got to see a bunch of huge houses that I had no interest in as a little kid.

Although my brothers were a big pain when I was little, I love them all the more for it now. Maybe everyone should have older brothers to pick on them. Really they are just teaching you how to survive in the real world where things don’t always go your way, and sometimes you get picked on. The great thing is, now I have three older brothers to be there for me no matter what I need. I guess it was a pretty sweet deal, even including the lies about what a plastic surgeon is and Beverly Hills.