I bet being a personal injury lawyer is a fun job. I bet the personal injury lawyer doesn’t admit it, but he actually really likes it. I bet he would get some really interesting cases. People can be pretty creative at getting injured. I was talking with a friend about injury’s the other day. I asked him about a certain scar and he told me that he went sky diving, then passed out after he pulled the rip chord. He then smashed into a telephone poll.

He actually admitted that story was a lie, but if it was true, he could totally get a personal injury lawyer. He could sue the sky diving company and get money off of it! How entertaining would that be for the personal injury lawyer? That would be an interesting case to research.

His real story was just as entertaining. He was jumping from a table to a beam, grabbed the beam, wrapped around it, and fell on his neck. Ouch. You could also get a personal injury lawyer for that. You could sue the beam company. Alright, not really, but it would be worth a try! I wonder my friend was thinking as his legs suddenly flew higher than his head. Probably something like…”Houston…we have a problem.”