Recently, I have decided I am fed up with the entire dating scene. First dates are the most awkward thing ever. Second dates have potential to be even more awkward. The whole process is just ridiculous. It is all so manipulative. I do not like it. I don’t like having to sort through all the arrogant guys that think they are all that. What is it, in someones head, that makes them think, “Good, I can treat this girl like dirt. I am much better than her”. Wrong. You are not better than her. You are actually an idiot.

Boys. Here are some tips on dating. Take them for what they are worth.

1. Don’t make fun of what she wants to be. It’s her life, not yours. If she wants to be a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon when she graduates, then so be it.

2. Do not plan big events way ahead of time that she’s looking forward to, then cancel. This is not cool and no one likes you if you do this.

3. Be a gentleman! Open her door for her, show interest, ask her questions, compliment her, and be NICE.

Alright so maybe this blog is just a lot of venting. Maybe this blog is wishing that I was some Beverly Hills movie star who could have my choice of really nice, sweet guys, who will treat a girl right. Maybe this blog just isn’t the Michael Jackson plastic surgeon blog. (He really should have gotten a different plastic surgeon.) Either way, take it for what it’s worth.